Dinner for two that you both prepared

Dinner for two that you both prepared

Being in a relationship treats you to a lot of romantic times spent together. Dates, in addition, add more to the affection you and your partner have for each other. However, contrary to popular belief, they don’t always have to take place outside of your home for them to be amazing. So, you don’t just save yourselves the hassle of going to the actual place, you also get to free a considerable amount you’re your credit card bills. Below are three date ideas that will spell out a great night for you two, without ever stepping out of the door.

Dinner for two that you both prepared

Dinners are a classic. When personalized, they’re even better. Cooking together is always an entertaining experience for couples, and it can be quite sensual, as well. The good news is that you and your lover don’t need to have individual degrees in culinary arts to make it work, too. Choose a recipe that will allow the two of you to have fun together, and you’ll be cooking up something that you wouldn’t want to forget for the rest of your life. Throw in some great wine and you’re good to go.


Movie dates on the couch

Stay at home and enjoy a movie date on the couch

Stay at home and enjoy a movie date on the couch

The quintessential out-at-the-movies thing has been used so many times by so many couples, but its shine still has not dulled. Take the more intimate (and, more cost-effective) road by going online and picking out something that will lead you two to each other’s arms. When coupled with a nice bottle of wine – or a big pizza, whichever you prefer – it can turn even decadent.

Clubbing in the living room

Why going to a noise and crowded place? Clubbing in the living room is better

Why go to a noise and crowded place? Clubbing in the living room is better

Dancing the night away appeals to everybody. After all, who can resist the image of swaying to the tune of some music that sounds better than it normally does, when you’re in the arms of someone that matters so much? There’s no reason why you can’t have that, without going out of the house. Just put on some nice, giddy tunes, keep the room well-lit for the occasion, and feel free to feel giddy.

The best relationships are those that can make something out of anything, at any given time. When it comes to dates, you and your partner don’t even have to go all the way out to have a lovely time. Follow the suggestions posted above, and let your feelings lead you to a night that you two will remember fondly together, for the rest of your life. For such dates, feel free to add a little alcohol so you’d feel less inhibited. Remember your wild high school and college days. And remember, fun is just a state of mind!

You are pregnant... go for a walk

You are pregnant… go for a walk

While it’s true for some that becoming pregnant can be one of the most remarkable things to happen in one’s life, it could also be more than enough to drain all the energy out of you. And that’s around nine months of roller coaster magic—which can be a little too much, even for the woman with an active lifestyle.

Which is why becoming pregnant is no excuse to forget about your workout, even on days when you’d rather sit and give in to all your cravings, and have your husband massage your calves (and your belly). So here you are, lovely ladies. The three best exercises for pregnant women. They’re simple, they’re easy to do, and they can help ease some of the unavoidable discomforts that you feel when you’re in the family way.


You might have heard some women say that they were running even while they were pregnant. If you want to do that too, then stop for a second. There are a few things you need to ask yourself. Running can be relatively safe for a woman if, and only if, they have already been doing it before. So if running is a big part of your work out even before you got pregnant, it is safe to continue doing it—as long as you check with your doctor and/or midwife first, and you resort to a slower, more careful pace.

Walking, on the other hand, is noted as one of the best cardio exercises pregnant women should do. It doesn’t put pressure on your ankles and knees, and the pace is just right. You can go a little faster if you want, but always with caution. You can do it anywhere without requiring any equipment. It’s great! You should do it!


Pregnant women can do some stretching exercises

Pregnant women can do some stretching exercises

Stretching is great for everybody. It prevents muscle strain, and helps in keeping the body relaxed and limber. It helps in maintaining flexiblity, which is a good thing especially when pregnant. Some of the stretches you can do are chest stretches, shoulder circles, calf stretches and wall push ups, and the mermaid, which goes like this:

  • Sit on the floor, with your back straight and the knees bent to the right. Keep your heels close to the bottom.
  • Hold your left ankle with your left hand for support while you extend your right hand overhead.
  • Take a deep breath again as you hold the stretch, exhale as you return to your initial position. Repeat twice.
  • Do it this time on the other direction. Repeat twice. You will feel a good stretch down the sides of your waist, your hips, as well as your lower back.


Swimming is a cardiovascular exercise any pregnant woman can do

Swimming is a cardiovascular exercise any pregnant woman can do

Swimming is the best form of cardiovascular exercise any woman can do during pregnancy. It’s safe, it targets all the large muscle groups, it’s got no impact on your joints, and you’ll feel none of the extra weight pregnancy often makes you feel. All the better if you can do it every day, but if there’s no access to a swimming pool daily, you can try doing it once, or a few times each week.
There you go ladies. 3 of the best exercises any pregnant woman should do. Not only will it help you stay healthy, it can also help you through pregnancy. Enjoy!

Did You Ask The Wrong Question?

Did you ask the wrong question?

Did you ask the wrong question?

So you are all dressed up for your dream job interview. You reach the venue spot on time. You see the nervous faces around and wonder what makes them so tense, as you yourself are pretty calm and confident. After all, you have spent endless hours preparing for this interview. You have all the skills and all the answers ready. The panel is ready to ask you difficult questions but you have all the arrows in your quiver. There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

And then the interview happens. You answer all the questions to the best of your ability and you do not fail to see how impressed the interviewers are with you. You walk back home, head held high, dreaming of the appointment letter. Your phone rings the next day, you spring out of your bed to answer it, but only to hear, “I am sorry you were not selected.”

There was nothing that could have gone wrong, and seemingly nothing went wrong too then what could be the reason you didn’t get selected? If this is the thought hounding you and making you restless, just drift back to the interview scene in your thoughts and try to find out whether you asked the wrong question when the interviewer concluded the interview with, “Do you have any questions?” Here are some questions you shouldn’t have asked.

When do I get promoted?

When do I get promoted?

When do I get promoted?

Perhaps you didn’t mean it, but it may sound to the employer that you are more concerned about designation and money than the work. There is nothing wrong with it but the interviewer would like to see you concerned about excelling in your role before you talk about gains. So the better question to ask is, “What is it that you will need to do to get promoted in your organization?”

What is my compensation?

Didn’t they say interview is about selling yourself to the employer first? Do never ask in the first interview about the salary for the job. How do you expect interviewers to quote a salary to you without assessing your abilities? This question could be a big turnoff for the interviewers.

When do I get appraised?

It is more or less like asking the question, “When do I get promoted?” Interviewers would be happier hear you saying, “What is it that I can do for the organization?” or “How do you think my skills can add value to your mission and vision?” Most of the times, you are also expected to know that the salary raise and compensation depends on your performance. So asking a question related to the role is more appropriate.

Do I get flexible working hours?

This is another question with immense potential to turn the interviewer off. The question’s undertone could be, “Do I have to spend a lot of time in the office,” although you may not mean it.

I don’t have a question

I dont have a question

I dont have a question

The interviewer is expecting you to ask an intelligent question. Saying you don’t have any could be a turn off. It also is a judge of how serious you are about the interview and how well you have prepared for it. Interviewer asking you for “any question” is a norm and if you don’t have one it may give the feeling that you are not serious about the interview and have not prepared well.

Do prepare yourself well for the interview and especially for the last part where you are supposed to ask a question. You don’t necessarily have to be ready with a fixed question. Instead depending upon how your interview goes, you can come up with a smart spontaneous question.

Analyze the pros and cons of self employment

Analyze the pros and cons of self employment

If you are planning to become an entrepreneur and you want to start your own business then you have to understand that the path won’t be a bed of roses. When you are your own boss, then your nature and lifestyle needs to fulfill the requisite of self employment. You have to be well organized and disciplined if you seriously look forward to self employment. Also, before stepping into the world of self employment, you should be aware of what you should expect out of your decision. There are numerous benefits along with certain disadvantages too that are associated with self employment which have been discussed here to help budding entrepreneurs.


  • You will feel so proud and satisfied from yourself
  • The feeling of self empowerment cannot be compared with any other feeling in this world. Although you don’t have to become a narcissist but you can obviously bath in the glory of your success each time you achieve any goal. Your success will be only due to your efforts.

    As a self employee you are your own boss

    You are your own boss

  • You won’t have to `listen’ if somebody tells you off
  • When you are your own boss then nobody is going to reprimand you for anything. You will not be liable to listen to listen to anybody’s bullshit. You will be far away from the dirty office politics. You will really be able to live with dignity.

  • You can spend as much time as you want with family
  • The most precious time of the youth is wasted by most of the people in their office cubicles because they don’t have a choice. But if by god’s grace you are an entrepreneur then you can easily spend time with your family by simply adjusting your schedules.


  • Need to fend for yourself by other means initially
  • There may be times when your business won’t be running profitably especially during the initial few months. You will have to be prepared for a financial crisis in advance so that you can sustain yourself in tough times.

  • You can’t complain to anyone about the working hours
  • When you are self employed then you may have to work for more than 12 hours unlike the office routine. Your working hours would have to be increased or decreased depending upon the service load upon your business. You can’t complain to anyone that on a particular day you couldn’t sleep at all.

  • You would need to have endurance for stress to survive
  • You are the only person  responsible for the success or failure of the business

    You are the only person responsible for the success or failure of the business

    The stress or tension is greater when you are responsible for your own actions. Therefore you have to be mature enough to understand that you have to mentally strong if you want to handle a business. If you start lamenting over everything, then you would soon breakdown under pressure of responsibility.

    After knowing the benefits as well as loose points involved with self employment you should take a break to analyze your future course of action and your lifestyle. You have to really think what you want from your life and what adjustments you can make for your work. Only after analyzing these points you can become a successful self employed person.